Monday, November 16, 2009

We're all humans

Yesterday I watched an interview with Kate Gosselin, mother of eight, and star of the reality TV show Jon&Kate plus 8 (soon to be Kate plus 8). She was answering the viewers questions and she was asked about her temper and flipping out whilst taking care of her kids. There has been some sharp criticism in the tabloids about Kate and her parenting skills. Pictures of her snapping and one time even spanking her kids, and how she generally looks gloomy, moody and angry when being around them.
- Of course I snap, she said.
And why shouldn't she?
She looks after eight children!! She's only human.

It is important to stop yourself sometimes and take a deep breath. I'm all for time-out, if your kid doesn't need it, maybe you do. And when that happens it is nice to now that other mothers go through the same thing, and are honest about it.
As Kate said:
- Being a mother can be draining.

Hell yeah!

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