Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from summer break

I apologise for disappearing without a word, as always it feels like this blog never really takes off, the silence in between the rants is too overpowering.
We have been away for the summer, and have only just come back to reality.
Although a nice, welcome and much needed break I am still a bit mystified by the fact that a mother should always, always be on tap. Why do people assume that you are available 24/7, and that you can be available.
Not to moan, but not once has anyone in my close family said: I'll take the kids today. I'll plan fun, eventful yet responsible activities for them while you just kick back with a crime novel and not worry about dinner.
It's not that bad, and dear husband - I know you are reading this, eventually: don't over-interpret.
After all, you always tell me that I only have to ask. All I'm saying is: sometimes it would be if it was suggested by someone else.
Not just my husband. My mother also seem to have some difficulties with mastering my two lovely off-springs at the same time, by her self. Wonder how she managed with me and my brother when we were young? I have become very used to negotiate some me-time over the last few weeks. As in: if I have this right now, I can give you this back, a little later.
You have to be clever and diplomatic to be a mother on holiday, no doubt about it.

But we are back, and ready to start again.
Hope you've had a good summer!


  1. i have not read any of your posts, but have just read ur info and i honestly think ur rong. isnt it worth loosing urself wen ur giving birth to something maybe greater?

  2. I am so sorry I haven't been able to reply to your comment until now. Chances are, you're not even going to read this, but I am a woman of my word, and I recognize all comments.

    For answers to your question, please read the blog. It's all there.
    But in a nutshell: the point is that you shouldn't have to loose one in order to gain the other.