Saturday, September 24, 2011

I will never, ever give up this blog ever again. I promise.

Hi everyone, if anyone is still out there?
I would like to say sorry for dropping the blog for so long, it was never my intention to stop writing but life took such an unexpected turn and for a long time, I had to try to come to terms with some inevitable changes and work a few things out. Nope, not divorced - but it was close for a while.

I have been craving to write for a long time now, though, so this is my solemn promise: to blog and be angry again!

So, apart from not taking my marriage for granted anymore, what else has happened since my last post?
Well, Kate is in 4th grade. She's going through some "changes" and thinks that school is "really boring". She is yet again in a very rowdy, high energy class, with a lot of strong type A males, who think that girls are crap at maths, and should refrain from all sports. Oh, trust me, this will be my next blog post.

Leo is turning 4, and is in pre-school. Not all sunshine and roses, there are still issues with his temper. And at drop off, I have suddenly turned in to the mother other parents avoid, because they don't like my son. Again, another blog post.

And one of the reasons I started to crave this blog was something I listened to on the BBC Radio's Woman's Hour a few days ago. Again, more blog posts.

It is so good to be back - if there are any readers out there - please, send me a sign!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Congrats re your marriage. Funny how we typically say congrats when people get married; that's the easy part!
    Looking forward to your posts.

  2. You are so right: happily ever after? Boohyah....

  3. Nice post from you, welcome back in bloggers world. Best regards !

  4. Still here and reading.

  5. You don't know me were still on my Google Reader. I must have sensed you were returning. Welcome back.

  6. Thank you for reading - great to see you here!

  7. Thank you for reading - great to see you here!

  8. I have a nephew in pre school and he is the kid that no one likes. He is always screaming and crying. Hopefully he grows out of it! Cant wait to read more blogs!