Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sometimes I really feel like packing a suitcase, getting in the car and drive as far away from my family as possible, no looking back, no return. Wow, little people has a knack for sucking the energy out of you.
Leopold, my youngest, is in the prime of his terrible two's, all ripe and fresh. Went from being a very affectionate lovely boy, full of cuddles and sweetness and turned in to a growling monster, angry, frustrated, constantly screaming and throwing tantrums to the point where I refuse to leave the house and be in public with him.
What happened to my sweet boy? Where did he go?

And more importantly, how do I approach it without risking my sanity and his health?

He's forgotten the few words he's picked up in his short life and these days everything is "uhu - uhu - uhu- uhu", in a very repetitive, demanding, sharp pitch.
Everything has turned against him. His monkey, his books, his car, his sister and his parents. We are all evil and out to get him. A friendly kiss on the cheek, a smile, a tickle, it's all designed to hinder him and make him angry. He's walking around in circles, constantly feeling frustrated, never being able to relax long enough to let a good mood catch up with him.

I know that what every I will do, whether it's out of love, giving him a sandwich, reading him a book, taking him to the playground, or out of necessity, telling him not to touch the stove or leave the flower-pots alone, he will eventually combust. This makes our days together very miserable, trust me. We're exhausted and in a bad mood.

I wish I could just pack my bag and leave and never come back. Or maybe come back when it's all over. In five years or so.

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