Monday, April 13, 2009

Some things we argue about

We are both kind of forgetful and we can also, when we want to be, a little lazy. Not lazy, more content to leave things to the last minute. Why do things before you really need to get them done, that sort of thing.
Which means that things get left and makes the other person think that they have been just left, without anyone having any intention of doing anything about them. Which causes arguments.
- Why did you leave the washing up to me?
- I didn't. I was going to do it. After I have finished reading the paper.

- Did you just leave the socks for me to put them in the laundry-basket?
- No, I was gonna take them. Tonight, when I get back from work.

My pet peeve is all forms of laundry, old dishes and chargers, cables and usb's lying around everywhere.
His is old light bulbs not being changed and old things being left in the refrigerator.
Together we live in a pretty messy household. Not messy - lived-in.

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