Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am not seriously worried about this, so please don't start talking "eating disorder" after this post. It's not that, it is just a very, very annoying habit of talking and being preoccupied, and therefor forgetting that you don't have three hours to finish your school lunch.
Kate has come home with a more than empty lunch box several days in a row now. At first we kind of let it slide, because we don't like making a big thing out of food, but yesterday she was completely listless at pick-up, complained about a headache and went straight to bed and fell asleep when we came home.
So we needed to have a big talk. About food, energy, growing, staying healthy, and the relationship between them all.
Not the first time we have done this. Will it be the last....?

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  1. I remember being that same kid in school. It's so easy to forget the things sitting right in front of you when you are told to be quiet all day. I don't know what type of school she goes to but the public school I went to was all about structure and education. Being a kid was secondary there and when it came time for lunch and getting on the busses to go home, the conversations you could have with your friends were just more interesting. I hope she finds that happy medium with friends food and school! Keep up the good work with keeping life under control!