Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At home with the normal people.

Waking up and getting things ready for the day to come is a two man minimum task in our household.
There are hungry kids who are individually very particular about their morning kick start, and there is a rabbit who is equally so. There are lunchboxes to pack, snacks and drinks to get ready, clothes to be put out on bed, or helped to be put on tiny little two year old body, there are teeth brushing to supervise and when your done there are not much time let for yourself.

When my husband is gone away on business this workload only gets harder. I am on my own, and it seems that everything that can go wrong, undoubtedly will. Someone will knock over the new milk carton on the breakfast table and make paper marche of the morning paper, all sections.
Kate will realize that one partner of every pair of socks she owns has decided to mysteriously disappear somewhere between the laundry basket and the tumble dryer, and Leo will decide that this is the morning that he will no longer eat toast and cereal, but will instead take up a diet of messy crackers and wet, sticky left over water melon which will mutate via his hands on to every single piece of object between the kitchen and the kids bathroom.

As I pack the kids up in to car, a few minutes later than usual, but still on the right side of panic, I look at the mess in the kitchen, the unmade beds, the heaps of dirty clothes lying right next to the laundry basket (why would they make it all the way in to the basket, that would just be insane!) and my own dishevelled self, half dressed in pyjamas, half in work out clothes (no one will know the difference) I take a deep breath and give myself a pat on the back for making it through another morning without accidentally killing myself.

This is what it is like living my life, part one. And it's only 815 in the morning.

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