Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is hilarious

If you want to raise your child in a non-gender stereotyping environment (good grief, it makes me tired just writing it, haha) try doing what a Swedish couple is doing, namely: just don't disclose your child's gender.
The child's name is Pop, Pop has a wardrobe consisting of both dresses and trousers, and he/she/it/Pop's haircut is ambiguously androgynous (but, then, this is Sweden, and so is 99% of the rest of the kids hair-cuts too).

It seems like a hell of a lot of effort going in to messing this child's life up if you ask me. Believe me, most of us end up on the therapist's couch one way or another during our life on this earth, so why pave the rocky road leading up there with more confusion and alienation?

But then again, it is also a very clever move. Imagine the book-advances, the movie deals, the whole money making machine you are inevitably signing Pop up for - this baby is going to make a ton! Oh, no, wait, it's not the US, it's Sweden..... they don't look at people as brands over there.....

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