Sunday, June 27, 2010

Joan Rivers

I went to see the Joan Rivers documentary A piece of work tonight and oh, it inspired me. It is a phenomenal portrayal of a fighter and survivor.
There are some touching moments when she talks about her relationship with her daughter, which I found very moving. She must be a nightmare mother, but I say this lovingly - all daughters find it hard to be around their mothers, all mother's want to steel the limelight away from their daughters! And Joan Rivers doesn't pretend to be anything but herself.
It is both funny and very touching - I highly recommend it.


  1. Did you hear the Fresh Air interview? I loved it so much I listened to the podcast twice. Esp when she yelled at the guy with a deaf son. Priceless. So looking forward to the movie!

  2. I saw "A Piece Of Work" last week in Chicago and it's truly brilliant!

    Joan is a mother to Melissa first and foremost and ANYBODY attacks her, Joan totally eviscerates them. I love her for that!

    Last summer when Joan was promoting her TV Land show via satellite interviews across the country, one VERY dumb Sacramento news anchor made a crack that Melissa got so rich by riding her mother's coat tails.

    Joan immediately barked, "Don't be so fucking smart!" and abruptly ended the interview LIVE on air!

    Joan ROCKS it!

  3. Lotta: yes, I did, that's how I came across the doc. I agree with you, it was a great interview (as anything is with Terry Gross), she is so honest. I would love to sit and just listen to her tell stories for hours.

    shle896 - that really came across in the movie, that nothing else matters, her daughter comes first! In the NPR interview that Lotta talks about, Joan talks about how they would always, always, no matter what, sit down and eat together at 6 o'clock at night. Even if that meant she did a second meal later, 'cos she had a dinner commitement, it didn't matter - she knew the business she worked in was a headf*** and she wanted Melissa to have a normal upbringing.

    I loved how she actually took an interest in the poeple she did thanksgiving charity for, and googled the photographer - that showed great humanity I thought.