Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things my husband and I argue about

When I got a flat tire about a month ago, my husband quickly stepped up to the plate and change it to the spare, telling me he would call the garage the next day since, as he pointed out in a reassuring tone, although secured better than any of the others were, driving around on the spare is simply not a good idea, and use of the car should be kept at a minimum until we had the new tire.
The next morning I ask him if I can take his car, assuming that he will, as he had said before, take my car to the garage. We even have a short argument about what time of the day will be the best to drop it off so that they will be able to do it while we wait, all of this leading to my assumption that it will be business as usual within 24 hours. I can't have his car, he explains, as he needs to go to a meeting, and suddenly, driving on the spare is not such a big deal. And anyway, the garage don't have the tire, it has to be ordered, he says. As in: aren't we just soo lucky that we didn't need to bring it in today, of all days.

A month later, and I am still driving with the spare, and I ask my husband if he has called to garage to see what is going on.
- I'll do it today, he says.
That night, when I ask him again, he says he forgot.
- I didn't have time, he says and tries to turn it around: If I had ordered it myself it would have been here by now, and I could have fit it myself, and it would have saved us a good deal of money!
He looks pleased with himself.
I look puzzled.
- What's that got to do with anything??
- Well, it would have been quicker if I'd done it myself.
- .... but you didn't.... so what's your point?
I can see he's about to throw himself in to something so I just nip it by saying:
- Can you just call them. Please.

A week later, my husband is in New York on business.
I send him an email.
"I don't really care where in the world you are, or how good you are a t changing tires, if you don't effing call the garage tomorrow, the divorce papers will be at your desk quicker than you can say Fed Ex."

Most of you would say: Why didn't you just call the garage yourself.
I could have. And it would have been done, over, end off. But I didn't, he did. So it's now the principal of the matter.
Responsibilities vs priorities.
All of that.
You understand.

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