Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kind of a Catch 22

- Mummy, why does daddy work, and not you?
- Mummy works too, sweaty.
- Yeah, like, taking care of me and Leo, right?
- Well, mummy does other work too.
- But you're at home all the time? How can you work?

(I ask myself that all the time.)

- Well, you know when I spend time in front of the computer. That's my work.
- Daddy works in front of the computer too, but he has an office he can go to.
- Yeah, I know. Some things are just always gonna be un-fair. (No, I didn't actually say that last thing, promise.)

- Mummy. When I grow up, I'm gonna be like daddy. I'm gonna have an office, and someone else can look after my children for me.

1 comment:

  1. Good point there! :)

    I found your blog via own of my readers in Germany. It certainly caught my interest! And I will return to read more.

    Unfortunately most of my own blog is in Swedish. It's (with some sarcasm) called "Rabid Feminism" because that's what I am called when I claim that women and men should not only have the same rights but also the same opportunities and the same outcome... With Google Translator you'll get a grip of what I'm writing about and sometimes, mostly when it comes to foreign politics, I write in English.


    And when it comes to arguing with your man about where to work and whose position is the most important I have the same arguments with my husband, although not having any children...