Friday, March 13, 2009

When I have stopped yawning I can move forward

I have tried to ignore it for a long time, but it is impossible to do so. Since I had kids and have been labeled "mother" and slotted in to that box where all 'mothers' belong, when I go to dinner-parties, organized drinks events and such, any man polite enough to strike up a conversation with me will not know what to talk about beyond asking me how old my children are, and, after having established what school they are in, steer the conversation around school-related subjects such as homework and school-fees. And since the subject-matter isn't very exciting for them it soon becomes evident that they would at least feel more happy to talk if I would kindly shut up, and at least let them talk (it is frightening how many men loves the sound of their own voices, and so, unless I want to venture out to the same sowing circle around the coffee-table talking PTA and floral fabrics that I tried my hardest to avoid in the play-ground that same morning, I now have to spend my evening listening to their men talk about their children.
It's a no-win situation.

When did 'being a mother' equal 'have lost brain somewhere'???
I mean, I think I can still hold up a decent conversation on Obama hand his financial plan but all I get is a smug 'I-know-I-am-a-really-funny-guy': Come on, admit you voted for him because you think he's cute. Haha.
So, OK, don't enter the political zone.
Holidays? Can we talk about holidays and traveling?
Well, OK then. But keep it strictly family-holiday orientated. And again, be prepared to soon venture on to some other family's holiday and how much fun the kids had swimming in some swimming pool at some resort in some holiday-destination that sounds just like all the other swimming-pools in all the other resorts around the world, but apparently, this one was outstanding.

To try and talk about work is pointless, after all, you don't work any more, what could you possibly have to say on the subject. Unless, and here we are again, you'd like to dare him to talk about the new business he's setting up, in which case, you're in for a three drink minimum time-span and by the end of it you will be drunk - and bored stiffless.
It is also not appropriate to be too opinionated, because: you're a mother. Shouldn't you be sitting over there with his wife and talk pre-schools?

I am of course exaggerating a little bit, then again, maybe I'm not, but the bottom line is, after endless evenings in other peoples kitchens with a glass of wine in one hand and yet another mind-blowingly boring conversation with an obnoxious alpha-male about nothing that could even excite me a little bit, I have decided that from now on, I will just stay at home and talk to my children instead. They excite me far more!

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