Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prozac is not the answer

- Does your periods still affect you in a bad way? my OB-GYN asked during my last annual check-up.
Of course they do. Imagine Morticia Addams' more evil twin-sister and you are still not close to what I become during my PMS.
For as long as I can remember medical experts have tried to get me to use The Pill as a leveler but as I feel it gives me migraines and I don't like taking hormones I have declined and treat it as something I will simply have to suck up every month.
- I think you should consider Prozac, she says as she finishes examining my nether regions.

Prozac??? It really is a cure for everything, but I'll be damned if I walk down that road. I got myself out of PPD without chemicals, why shouldn't I be able to handle PMS?

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