Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy, messy home

It's taken a stupid long time since last blog post again. It's been spring break, and I have taken the opportunity to spend some time with the family.
On Saturday we went to dinner at some friends who have children the same age as Kate and Leo. It was a lovely home, very inclusive, toys in every corner and children's artwork on the walls. The kids shared the bigger of the two bed rooms and but they had still very much put their imprint of the rest of the living space as well. I envy these homes, because I always get the feeling that these are happy, loving homes to families that are very much in harmony with each other. I think I actually need to infuse a little warmth in my own home and not be so ready to tidy away the toys as soon as it's gone time for teeth brushing.
I just don' really cope well with abandoned toys on the floor. I don't mind it when I visit other families, but when I have to live in a chaos of Barbie clutter and scattered Hot wheels cars myself I break out in a rash.

Tonight I am going to try to leave the Tonka fire engine and the building blocks on the floor in the dining room and ignore the sea of crayons and paper crumbs on the rug in the living room. I am going to walk right past the sneakers hiding behind the book bag and forget the pile of Duplo's that are invading the kitchen floor.
Let's see how far I can make it.

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