Friday, April 30, 2010

Playground twist

There is still tension in Kate's friendship circle and she is beginning to get pushed out. She has started to play with some other girls at recess, and I am strongly encouraging this. It is like reliving primary school all over again, all the politics and strategies, there is nothing new, nothing changes in children's games.
I feel sorry for Kate, but I am also very proud of her for sticking to what she believes in. They are three girls: the manipulator, the follower, and Kate who's kind of the mediator. The manipulator is using bribes and promises on the follower, but it didn't work on Kate and I guess that is why she being deemed an un-safe bet. Kate doesn't like bribes. She wants loyalty, and most of all, she wants to just play. She doesn't like the politics and that's why she's walking away.
So I am sad for her because she's loosing her friends, but so, so happy that she is doing what she believes is right, instead of sticking with a bad deal.
That takes courage!

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