Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're taking a few steps

We must be the only family in the world who are looking to deliberately downsize by moving from a single family house to a condo.
Well, maybe not really downsizing, anyone's who's spent any time in my rented home knows it's not a big space, but it is single family (ie: no sensitive neighbors underneath or noisy ditto's upstairs.)
But after two years, we have finally given up the impossible quest for the perfect house in the right location because let's face it: for under 3 mil it doesn't exist. Instead, we are condo-hunting, and hopefully reaping some of the benefits along with this, smaller mortgage being the biggest (and maybe only) one so far.
I am meeting with a broker who has worked in our area for 30 plus years. Let's hope she can spot the right deal for a family of four - we certainly can't seem to find it.
Fingers crossed.

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