Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everywhere in this country, Damien is born, and born, and born again

What mother does not think that they are doing their child the biggest favor in the world by stop working and staying at home, spending their undevoted time to them? 7, or maybe even 8 out of 10, I guarantee you. Guess what?
You are most likely making them a huge disservice, catering to their every need, teaching them that you will wait on the 24 hours a day, not giving them a chance to ever, ever learn through trying by making mistakes, by hurting yourself every now and then.
It's not malicious, but a lot of times, we create a false sense of security by building up a very distorted reality that our little angels will mistake for true.

We drive them in the car everywhere. We have every snack you can possibly imagine packed, ready to be served within seconds of the slightest hint of a dissatisfied sound. We talk to them in fake baby-voices. We are always there to stop and solve any conflict that might ever happen in the playground before they even take place. We teach them that they will never have to be bored, and God forbid, they will never have to make up games of their own, because we will always, always be there, putting everything else we were doing away to yet again read that wretched Thomas the Tank engine book instead of saying, 'Not right now, mommy is busy.' We show them that they will never have to eat anything that might possibly look or smell a little different because we have all the time in the world to make them the dinner that they will eat. They will never experience pain because they'll never have a chance to graze their knees, or bump their head on the kitchen table.

By doing this, and more, we will create little monsters, and they are our future.

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