Friday, February 20, 2009

With a little help on the way we can do big things together

The British government is urging the public services to practice a more "father-inclusive" policy rather than treat the mother as the only guardian in a child's life, yet there is still no talk about longer, paid, paternity leave.

This is the UK. Two weeks paid maternity leave or more is still a thousand light-years ahead of what most US mothers can expect, let alone US fathers, between you and me, US of A has very confused views on importance of family, but that's another blog-post. So let's stick to the point: governments need to change policies in a big way to make fathers inclusive. Only then can we expect fathers to be a natural part of a child's life, and I don't mean being "fun dad" who plays for a few minutes after work, before bed-time, I talk about knowing when to pack for PE, how to schedule a play-date and when to do home-work.

Two people make the decision to have children, yet, somehow, as soon as the child is born, we're one parent short. It's often not the father's fault that he doesn't play at bigger part to play in his children's life; our society often make it plain hard for him.

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