Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too much is always a bad thing

Pediatricians exist to make the average mother's life hell, and that's a fact.
With their charts, statistics, and personal opinions they take real pleasure in filling us with worries about how much, how little, not enough or on the way to obesity everything is going wrong in our children's lives. They judge, they frown, they preach and they make us feel like we are not worthy of our own children.
Children has existed since the dawn of the world, yet never has it been more difficult to be a parent than it is today. There are research, statistics, charts and figures to show us how to deal with everything, down to the smallest detail. Never has it been easier to obtain advice about anything concerning our children, but never before has it been more confusing. And in the midst of it all is the all mighty pediatrician, each and everyone with his or her own set of rules. I've started to dread check-ups as much as I used to fear PE swimming in third grade, so, a lot.
He's eating too much, he's not eating enough lumpy food, her teeth will rot, she's on the road to autism, if you do vaccinate, if you don't vaccinate, are you still giving formula, are you still breastfeeding, what ever it is, it's not enough, or far too much.

The statement 'as long as he seems happy healthy' doesn't seem to work anymore.

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