Monday, February 23, 2009

Small words, big definitions

So what is equality in a relationship? What constitutes a relationship built on equality?

Does both partners work equal hours outside the home as well as in the home?
If one partner work and support the family financially while the other partner is at home and they are both happy with that balance, is that equality?
Does it mean to have equal amount of free time/time to oneself, one's individual needs, interests and hobbies?
Is it to have ones views heard and to be respected for those views?

Is it to take out equal amounts of trash each week?

Shall each family personally determine what works for them, or shall we find a universal mould which each individual family should conform to?

To some women, not having to talk curtains and fabrics the cocktail party, but join the men in talking cars and baseball would be enough. Some women feel they have only reached equality if they can be as foul-mouthed as men without being judged. A lot of women would settle for a lie-in every now and then, and would call that equality.

So what is equality in a relationship?
I'm f***** if I know.

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