Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flying without baggage

I belong to a mother/toddler group where most mothers happen to be expats, just like myself. We do the usual stuff, playground get-togethers, the occasional early dinner with a glass of wine, and an emailing list for general chit chat and advice.
The other day I got this email:

I am planning to fly to Europe this summer, with my two children (5 and 1 years old) - if anyone is planning on flying around the same time it would be great to have some company. It would make kids entertaining and potty visits much easier.

I am the first one to admit that mother's have to stick together, and we should really be there for each other.
But on an 10 hour plus flight, I really want to get my kids of to sleep and then try to get some much needed sleep myself before hell breaks loose again at the luggage claim and passport control. Getting in sync - and looking after - another two kids is not my idea of even a remotely less stressful journey.

I apologise profusely, but I won't be good travelling company.

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