Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you

Thank you so much for the two lovely comments on yesterday's blogpost.
Now I just need to get my seven twitter followers to stay too. I twitter maybe once a week. I have a feeling that's not the kind of traffic they intended when they came up with the tweeting idea...
There is a lot going on at the moment. I have sleepless nights worrying about Leo's pre-school situation, and things are heating up between Kate and her two BFF's. They have decided to quietly give her the elbow. Her service's as friend are no longer needed. She comes home from school upset and sad. I feel helpless and useless. And also have strong bouts of de ja vue. It's like being back in school again - literally, reliving every single excruciating moment of the horrible time that was school, and so badly not wanting your daughter to have to go through the same thing herself. She'll be OK though. She's a tough cookie.
On top of that, the husband and I are beginning counselling next week.
This is an anonymous blog, so I can write about this. We need some help getting out of the negative spiral that is the every day of stressed out parents. Nothing to be ashamed about.
But it's all time-consuming, and time, as all parents know, is valuable, and scarce.
Thanks for staying with me,

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