Thursday, March 11, 2010

the List

Last night I watched the mediocre and only slightly funny movie Motherhood on DVD, you know the one starring Uma Thurman as a NY writer mom trying to juggle home, children and a sense of self (sounds familiar?) whilst all the elements go against her on a daily basis. Yeah, I don't think you have to fight street cleaning in the trendy Village neighborhood to feel that you are a lost cause, but there was one thing that struck a familiar chord with me, namely The List.

My lists, which are everywhere, multiple copies and nicely duplicated, don't read:

dry cleaning
order birth day cake

No, a list is by the second re count of my life, down to the very last sip of coffee. Without The Lists, I would not function, and my family would collapse:

wake up
get dressed
throw PJ's in laundry basket
make breakfast
pack lunch
street cleaning (doesn't matter - we get tickets anyways)
fold laundry
make coffee
write email
write in email: Hi, would you like to come to dinner Saturday.
Call Doctor
Ask Doctor for renewed prescriptions of Everything
Email x, y, and z for playdates
pick up at school
bring snack in car
laundry in tumble dryer
fold laundry
food shopping (refer to another List)
call husband, tell him you love him
make lists for tomorrow
make lists for weekend
cross of things you've done on List
make coffee
peel potatoes
don't forget to eat dinner
don't forget to drink 8 glasses of water
bed time
story time
read book
don't forget to wash face before bedtime
check to make sure kids are in designated beds
kiss them good night
tuck them in
make sure you go bed before falling asleep on sofa
kiss husband goodnight
tell him you love him
wake up

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