Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girl trouble

There are trouble in Kate's world. Her two BFF's are kind of clicking up and carefully giving her the elbow. They make her feel left out. Often she comes home from school sad and quiet and in her own thoughts.
It kills me watching her, and having to try to give her pep talks when all I want to do is go down there and give those girls a piece of my mind. The thing with Kate is, for all of her eight years, she's incredibly loyal and without a doubt the best friend anyone could ever wish for. I really feel that she deserves the same thing back. I really would like to tell her to just turn her back on these girls, go re-group. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I keep quiet, because I can tell it doesn't do her any favors. There are plenty other girl friends out there. But Kate's loyalty (or insecurity?) tells her to stick with what she's got. And so the circle continues.

I give her very big hugs every night, and I keep telling her that she's an incredible little girl. That's all I can do for now.

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